Tharaphita – Ülestõus

431009  Blackened pagan metal has always been subject to many, many re-imaginings as is the case with every single other genre of the metal universe. Tharaphita makes no exception to that rule as they create a very solid album of that genre with their latest album Ülestõus” that had lengthy songs that earned my thumbs up as they were exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes down to blackened pagan metal. This whole album is a solid piece of its genre that is only strengthened by the intense vocals, heavy ass guitars, and rhythmic drums that when all are combined make me just want more because it’s what that style of metal should sound like and sadly not a lot of bands make it like this anymore. I’m not saying it’s perfect by far. It needs a few tweaks here and there, of course, but overall Ülestõus” is very well done and will be enjoy by plenty of blackened pagan fans. Hell, I enjoyed it. If you want a smooth entrance into the genre, Tharaphita has got the s**t for you.

You can stream Tharaphita via SoundCloud here.


Track Listing:

1. Ülestõus
2. Viimsepäeva koidik
3. Luupainaja
4. Tuhandeaastase orjaöö tuhast
5. Sõnad sõlmedesse
6. Surma-arbujad
7. Tuuled rändavad ringi
8. Terasest taotud teel
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