THE ALPHA COMPLEX Releases Their New Single ‘My Inferno’

THE ALPHA COMPLEX is a modern hard rock group from Sacramento, California that consists of vocalist Michael Woodruff, guitarist Kery Glennon, bassist Travis Carrier, and drummer Matthew O’Connell. The band’s hot new single “My Inferno” is out now on all streaming platforms.

THE ALPHA COMPLEX has a larger-than-life sound that melds together hard rock with electronic influences. Their pulsing melodies, hard-hitting grooves, and unapologetic lyricism embody the spirit of modern hard rock music while their electronic infusions in the synths, sonic textures, and vocals make them a refreshing must-hear new band.

Their new single “My Inferno” follows a turbulent love cycle where a partner who feigns like an angel, however, is really a devil. The band leans into edgy poetic storytelling to further the song’s poignant messaging. The chorus encapsulates the band’s musical and lyrical conviction with the belting of “Horns hold up your halo / Now everything is starting to burn / Your love is my inferno.” THE ALPHA COMPLEX delivers yet another explosive track with their fourth single, “My Inferno” guaranteed to excite listeners with a dark melody reverberating with moody bass and biting sounds that climax with bellowing vocals.

The members of THE ALPHA COMPLEX are no strangers to the metal scene, 3 out of the 4 members of the band have at one time or another been a part of MOTOGRATER. Vocalist Michael “Angel” Woodruff replaced Ivan Moody [FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH vocalist] as the new frontman of MOTOGRATER in 2007. Since then, Woodruff recruited guitarist Kery “Venom” Glennon from previous projects to join MOTOGRATER in 2014, where they played that year’s Knotfest in San Bernardino, CA. In 2018, Woodruff found drummer Matthew O’Connell and had him join MOTOGRATER on the Orgy: Bring Your Army tour. Glennon has also filled in as a touring guitarist for the band SKINLAB in 2017.