‘The Bay Area Strikes Back’ Tour Could Hit The U.S. Next Year

The Bay Area Strikes Again

Ever since it was announced that iconic Bay Area thrash metal bands TESTAMENTEXODUS and DEATH ANGEL would be embarking on “The Bay Strikes Back” tour in Europe early next year, fans have been wondering if there are plans for the tour to go global, including a leg of the United States.

EXODUS frontman Steve “Zetro” Souza recently posted a video of himself, Mark Osegueda (DEATH ANGEL) and Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT) on his YouTube channel Zetro’s Toxic Vault talking about the tour over some drinks and a card game.

After finishing their game and agreeing to tour together, Zetro said:

“Let’s do it, early 2020, Europe first. First Europe, we’ll see how that goes and then maybe the rest of the world”

Osegueda added:

“The rest of the world’s gonna be dying for it…you’re lucky!”

Billy concluded:

“We gotta represent the Bay Area, so…Bay Area Strikes or something like that, you know?”

The video ends with the trio agreeing to call the tour “The Bay Area Strikes Back” and giving a toast.

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