The Beautiful Brutality Of ‘Planet Grimaze’

Grimaze Band

Embark on a journey towards distant horizons. Explore ferocious inner storms. Face the screaming abyss of ignorance. Experience the beautiful brutality of the longing for the lost Spirit. Walk with the artist on their path to self-awareness. Look for yours.

The metal band GRIMAZE just released their album titled “Planet Grimaze”. The music combines groove, death and progressive elements infusing raw power and strength in the listener. The album is available on all streaming services since the 1st of November 2018.

GRIMAZE just finished the first part of their touring in Central Europe with the Romanian band Crimena and are now heading to “Anticult Balkan Tour 2018” which promises to be massive! 13 concerts along with the Polish technical death masters – Decapitated, as well as Hatespere, Thy Disease and Dehydrated. Anticult 2018 in dates and cities:

06.11 – Ostrava, Czech Republic – Barrak Music Club
07.11 – Brno, Czech Republic – Melodka
08.11 – Budapest, Hungary – Durer Kert
09.11 – Graz, Austria – Club Q
10.11 – Rijeka, Croatia – Omladinski Kulturni Centar Palach
11.11 – Novi Sad, Serbia – Firchie Think Tank Studio
12.11 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Mixtape 5
13.11 – Istanbul, Turkey – IF Performance Hall Beşiktaş
14.11 – Bucharest, Romania – Quantic
15.11 – Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Form Space
16.11 – Timisoara, Romania – Capcana
17.11 – Kosice, Slovakia – Collosseum Club Košice
18.11 – Bratislava, Slovakia – Randal Club