THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER: ‘Vlad, Son of The Dragon’ Song Premiere


THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER have returned with the much-anticipated, new full-length album “Abysmal“, which is officially set for a September 18th release. This vicious slab of unrelenting aggression showcases TBDM at their very finest with a meticulous, pin-point precise rhythmic assault mixed with ferocious speed and dynamic hooks. The band also re-enlisted the services of renowned producer Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel) and former bass player Ryan Williams, who also helped produce “Everblack“, with the sole intent to get away from the overt sonic sterility affecting far too many contemporary metal albums.

Song, “Vlad, Son of The Dragon,” is now available for streaming, and can be heard below. The album’s pre-order bundle packages are also now available here.

Trevor Strnad (vocals) states: “The new album, Abysmal, is true to THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER formula, but further down the evolutionary path we began with our ‘Ritual’ release. It has bigger, more dynamic and developed songs. People can expect a more raw and natural sounding TBDM record. It’s the most real and live sounding thing we’ve done since our debut. It has a real energy and urgency to it. We made a conscious effort of having a more lively and dynamic sound and I feel the result is truly excellent. What I hear is my band playing as they do live when I step off the stage at soundcheck. Therefore, this is the real TBDM incarnate.

“Abysmal” track listing:

01. Receipt
02. Vlad, Son Of The Dragon
03. Abysmal
04. Re-faced
05. Threat Level Number Three
06. The Fog
07. Stygiophobic
08. Asylum
09. The Advent
10. That Cannot Die Which Eternally Is Dead


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