THE BLOOD OF CHRIST Launch Video For New Track ‘Forgotten Divinity Chapter 1.’

Hailing from London, Ontario, THE BLOOD OF CHRIST has recently released a split Eastern Beast ~ Western Wolf with Japan’s VOMIT REMNANTS. Now, They have released a new lyrics video for the track “Forgotten Divinity Chapter 1”. You can check it out below.

This track is an old school THE BLOOD OF CHRIST song from 1998 that was resurrected and filled with new life. Musically, it has a very chaotic feel to it with rhythm changes and an auditory assault of riffs. Lyrically, it is about the divinity returning home to his clan after many years of hiatus. THE BLOOD OF CHRIST shares their inspiration behind their art:

“We are inspired by human emotions, historical events, astrology, ancient wars, stuff like that and we try to depict our themes in a dark, poetic manner. Quite often, we avoid the cliché death metal subject matter and also avoid any form of hate in our lyrics because we want people from all walks of life to enjoy our art and craft. Musically speaking, we are inspired by the love of making music and passion for our own instruments. It all comes from within.”

The evolution of THE BLOOD OF CHRIST has been a natural journey that began rooted in straight-up death-grind metal, and sometime around 1995, they added dark elements from black metal and doom. The songs became epic with varied time signatures and tempo changes, often shifting from chugging death metal riffs to droning black metal riffs in the blink of an eye – and incorporated more vocal styles than the average death metal band would. 

Eastern Beast ~ Western Wolf Track Listing:
1. Forgotten Divinity Chapter 1
2. Sworn To The Northern Star
3. Apocalyptic Vertigo
4. Forgotten Divinity Chapter 2
1. Blood Runs Cold
2. Embodiment Of A Painful Void
3. Moonlight Eclipse (The Blood Of Christ Cover)
4. Embludgeonment (Live)
5. Inherited Deformity (Live)