The Bridge – The Bridge

This is the debut album of The Bridge. Although they are self-labeled as a progressive rock band, and we must take that for granted, I don’t agree at all. “The Bridge” turned out to be heavier than a lot of metal bands I heard! There are passages that really remind metal, for instance through “The Bridge” where some guitar riffs are thick, heavy and dense. And also, they go on with a metal tradition that is to name the band, the album and a song as The Bridge… I’d dare to say they a kind of hard prog band, and I know that this label exists.

I’m really fascinated with all the work bands are taking these days to have a nice presentation of themselves. The Bridge’s page is just amazing! The same for the album artwork. It’s not easy to stand out these days, but The Bridge paved themselves the right way with a carefull attention to all the details that help bands.

But let’s go to the music that is what really matters! “The Bridge” is a seven track album. Each one very different from each other, which is great. “The Bridge”, named after the album and the band, is the longest with more than seventeen minutes of overtures, changes of pace, fingered passages and a variety of atmospheres. It keeps progressive rock tradition of long songs. The most different track is “A New day”. A slow tune with an alternative rock feeling and REM vocal style. “World Of Men” is heavy and thick with angry vocals and sharp guitars. It’s the track that will please headbangers most. “Overture 1” is also heavy, but no so. Its accoustic guitar intro and the keyboards make it a little more progressive. But pay attention to the guitar riffs! Heavier than some metal bands!

Track Listing:

  1. To Beyond
  2. Overture 1
  3. A New Day
  4. South Wind
  5. World Of Men
  6. Lies And Mirrors
  7. The Bridge

Visit the band’s homepage and watch the two videos available. Here you can have a glimpse of them: