The DEVIL UNNAMED Points to the ‘Media!’

Devil Unnamed were founded by German bass player Christian „bazzshot“ Bartels in early autumn 2015. After his years as a founding member of Divine Noise Attack (2000) and Dead End Future (2009) it was time for a heavy metal band without any limitations in style or genre. The first musician and other founding member was guitar player Aleksandar Stojanovic. His unique style and the same idea to play without genre limitations was gold. They both quickly noticed the potential of their collaboration and recognized the mutual desire to create something independent of the mainstream.

Without any limitation’s booth can play every riff and style they want, as it forms a great song in the end.

After playing with different musicians, drummer Matthias Flohr is taking over the drums in May 2016. His completely different playing style, and the catchy but still exciting and challenging drumming as well as his varying influences round off the riffing perfectly. Matthias is the former drummer of the german band “Patchwork Projekt.”

With vocalist Philip Beierbach in February 2018, the current line-up was perfectly complemented.

Philip, with his independent singing and writing style, is the ideal addition to the band’s songs ever since the first rehearsal together. As he came into the band, he was a complete beginner with just some theater stage experience and the wish to sing in a band. Since then he grows every day a little more to a great singer with a large range. Needless to say, that Philip wants to create something different and unique too.

Band Line Up:

Philip Beierbach – Vocals
Aleksandar Stojanovic – Guitar
Christian Bartels – Bass
Matthias Flohr – Drums

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