THE DEVIL’S TRADE Release Live Video For ‘Három Árva’

The Devil's Trade

Dark singer-songwriter act THE DEVIL’S TRADE is now unleashing a brand new live version of the track “Három Árva” which was taken from the 2020 album The Call of the Iron Peak. The track was recorded at the Templom venue in Budapest (HU) and features multiple guest artists in a heavier setting!

Check out the video, which was created by Peter Szabo, below.

Mastermind Dávid Makó comments on the video: “While writing I can hear most of my songs performed by a doom band with some kind of folk influence. So from the first album it has been a natural drive for me to redo these with full orchestration. When I got invited to Fekete Zaj, one of the most important underground festivals of Hungary, where I played several times before, I knew this is the right time and place to ask my old band HAW to join me and see if the imaginary soundscape could come alive.”