The Devils – We Are the Devils

Imagine a Poison, Mötley Crue, and all those bands without all the fussy around. Yeah, believe it or not I’ve always thought of those bands as real heavy and full of energy, and mostly great musical ideas. But, with so much fussy and make-up. Great songs that were sometimes ruined by a bad attitude. But The Devils have the same intense and energy without the make-up. A band with the attitude we all like, and praise. “We are the Devils” is an album that really makes us think Heavy Metal is evolving fast. Musicwise, it is very well played with competent and resourceful musicians. Just listen to “Ninphomaniac” to get what I am saying. The kind of show-off we do like it. Bass player, Murilo Larrubia, is a monster. Also listen to “Light Say the Direction” and its NWOBHM riffing. Great guitar-bass duel as in all “We are the Devils” album.

Get a dash of Led Zeppelin, a dash of Judas Priest, a bit of Iron Maiden, the energy of Poison, the fun of Mötley Crue, and tons of energy and voilà, here it is The Devils. Listen to the show the guys give us in “Mr. Buddy.” Perfect blend of energy and musical competence. As I said, a Mötley Crue without the fussy. Of course, much more musically competent. It’s great to see a bass player like this. The same attitude as Billy Sheehan with some touches of Steve Harris and Viper’s Pit Passarel. And guess what? The guy recorded a track in homage to Cliff Burton. Listen to “Skullring – To Cliff.” Anything else? Yes, there is. A homage to the eternal Lemmy Killmister in “No Bull – Live Like Lemmy.” Hope to see the guys again very soon.

I have to say that I’m impressed with The Devils “We are the Devils,” which by now it seems to be the best effort of the year. I dare to say that. Eleven tracks of the purest youth energy and musical competence. I still get impressed by guitar solos. Yeah, right!

The Devils “We are the Devils” was self-realesed this August.

Track Listing:

  1. Light Say the Direction
  2. Elvira
  3. Mr. Buddy
  4. Come to the Dawn
  5. Skullring – To Cliff
  6. A Momentary Anesthesie
  7. Madman
  8. The Blondie Hangover – The Cockroach
  9. Blackout
  10. No Bull – Live Like Lemmy
  11. Nymphomaniac Part 03

Watch “Blackout” alive video here: