The Extinct Dreams & Unsaved – Metamorphosis

meta1  In the last year I’ve come across countless doom metal albums and have loved just as many as I didn’t, and the same exact thing goes for split albums. And yet before today I’ve never heard a split album between two doom bands, and that’s just what “Metamorphosis” from bands The Extinct Dreams and Unsaved is. Sticking to true doom fashion, “Metamorphosis” is 49 minutes long with but 4 tracks to its name that consist of crushingly slow paced guitars, vocals that sound like the harbingers of the apocalypse, and drums that have the beat of doom itself. I will admit, though, that some points throughout this split were a tad lackluster as they didn’t stand out or have anything intriguing about them, but that was just sometimes. Overall, this was a very entertaining album between two bands that show that they know their way around with doom metal as both The Extinct Dreams and Unsaved have a great sound that really pulls the listener into and experience that only doom fans can know about because it truly is a unique experience that once you go through you will not forget that feeling, and “Metamorphosis” definitely knows how to create that feeling in all of its infinite glory. As a split, “Metamorphosis” does an excellent job showcasing two awesome bands and showing their own styles that are some very nice doom metal that is criminally unknown to say in the least.

“Metamorphosis” can be streamed in full via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

1. The Extinct Dreams – Посторонний
2. The Extinct Dreams – श्री नरसिंह प्रणाम
3. Unsaved – Posthumous Remorse
4. Unsaved – Spirit Morphosis (The Final Ritual)