THE FALLEN And ‘Mivé Lettem’

In the begining the band was just a group of friends until one day some of the guys said: “Hey! We all love music, and we all love to make music. Why don’t we get together and make a band?”. So the band was born and sadly it went through a few changes. With Balázs joining the crew in 2020 march, the band reached its current form.

The main concept of the band has always been that the members should bring out the most of themselves, while incorporating their own style during the creation of a song. This is how the album Mivé Lettem has came to be. All 5 of us drew from our own inspiration, sometimes overlapping with eachother, and forged together these elements. To say some examples Dorottya applied elements from hard rock, Péter brought the hardcore vibes, and Attila built in some progressive tunes.

As this is the band’s first album, you can feel that some of the songs lean more towards one genre, while others to another. You can clearly hear where the songwriting has begun, what phases has it gone through, and how it reached it’s final style, as in the songs “Mivé Lettem” and “Nem Vagy Egyedül.” We plan on making songs in this style, because every member found her/himself in this: good riffs, melodic vocals, catchy riythm, heavy breakdowns, epic guitar solos and last but not least twinguitar sections. We are also sure that in the concept of the creators freedom we’ll be making 1-2 songs out of ordinary, like the song “Sátántangó,” so that the heated mood on our concerts could be taken to another level.

It was a big milestone for the band to release the album and we can’t wait to see the reactions. But we know that we neither can stop here, nor are we planning to. Besides the troublesome processes of organizing concerts we’ve already set our selves on making the second album, which about we can’t say a lot for now, but we can tell you this: it will be much more mature and consistent than its predecessor.

Band Line-up:
Dorottya Lehelvári-Varga , Lead vocals
Péter Lehelvári, Bass
Attila Hiller, Solo guitar
Balázs Véber, Rhythm guitar
Konrád Gájer, Drums

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