The Far Cry – If Only Review

Here we have a Prog Rock band with a heavy grip. A band that has all the elements to satisfy Prog Metal fans or Metal fans that are open to Prog Rock, I know there are many of them. The Far Cry are a combination of the theatrical Genesis of Peter Gabriel era with the heavy grip of Marillion and the instrumental prominance of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. First track “The Mask of Deception” surprises by its heavyness and the guitar riffing that is very near Metal. Vocalist Chris Dabbo uses a pleasant natural voice and gives the song the Genesis element I told about. The bands members have an interesting story as they know each for a long time but never as a band.

I liked very much the album tittle “If Only” mostly because of its poetical meaning. It attracted me from the very first sight. “If Only” means a lot as the sentence that inspired the album. When one says if only a great deal of oportunities e possibilities are suddenly open. Who’s never thought or said if only? I have. Too many times in my life. “If Only” the album is also poetic. As isaid in my intro, The Far Cry sound is as open to new musical possiblities as the album tittle.  All of it with a heavy grip. The album alternates short tracks with long ones. Some are quite near the prog standards as the tittle track which has a strong Yes approach with the prominent keyboards and long instrumental passages. Others as “Winterlude” are far from the standards. In this very especific case of “Winterlude,” the fan will have a gentle and subtle acoustic ballad with sweet guitars and xylophones. The other short track “Winterlude Waning” follows the same path but with a piano. The way I see they are a kind of complement of each other. For “If Only” they are bridges to the longer tracks. “Dream Dancer” is the instrumental grand finale to the album with its pomp and fancy keyboards arrangements and the drumming that sounds much more as a classical percussion.

As far as I concerned, The Far Cry “If Only” will please metallers of all kinds. It’s the kind of Prog Rock band that has the elements metallers like besides being pretty heavy.

The Far Cry “If Only” was self-released on July 09th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Mask of Deception
  2. Programophone
  3. Winterlude
  4. Simple Pleasures
  5. The Missing Floor
  6. Winterlude Waning
  7. If Only
  8. Dream Dancer

Watch “If Only” official music video here: