The Finite Beings – A Life to Come

 Christian metal/rock band The Finite Beings have created a smooth album that is both a good “soft” metal album and a good rock album in every single way.

“A Life to Come” has a very smooth and easy sound to it that all you exclusive rock listeners out there can listen to with no problems at all, but it also has that kick or spice (whichever you prefer) that us more metal-oriented people can jam to since the guitars and drums are hard enough that we can definitely find something fun out of this album. I certainly did.

And “A Life to Come” is just an overall good album for any flexible listeners of rock and metal who will enjoy anything with an awesome beat like this album has in excess.

“A Life to Come” is available for purchase on iTunes here and streaming on Spotify here.


Track Listing:

  1. A Life to Come
  2. For the Weary
  3. Submit to the Divine
  4. Imaginary Things
  5. The Hole
  6. Make a Decision
  7. A Taste of Conflict
  8. Rejuvenate Me