THE GEMINI AFFAIR Release Video For New Single ‘You’re Perfect’

Jeff Rouse’s dark, post-punk project THE GEMINI AFFAIR released their first single titled “You’re Perfect” from THE GEMINI AFFAIR’s upcoming EP release To…. The single “You’re Perfect” with bonus single track “Whisper To A Moan” are being released on vinyl by PEARL JAM’s Mike McCready’s HockeyTalkter Records. All songs and upcoming EP To… are being released digitally by G4L Records. The song dropped April 9th with a premier on Sirius XM Radio Pearl Jam Channel. The live version of “You’re Perfect” recorded at Studio Litho in Seattle will be released May 6th. Check out the video for “You’re Perfect” below.

Founded by Jeff RouseTHE GEMINI AFFAIR project began to take shape in 2017. Fresh off the road as a touring musician, Rouse began to write his own songs. He recruited a handful of standouts to get the music on tape. Within weeks, Rouse had a number of songs built out by Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees), Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie), Ryan Waters (Sade) and longtime Emerald City rocker, Keith Ash (Star Anna). The self-titled The Gemini EP was produced by Don Gunn and was one of the best-selling records in Seattle upon its release.

With praise from PEARL JAM’s Mike McCreadyGUNS N’ ROSESDuff McKaganBUCKCHERRY’s Josh Todd and radio stations like KJR 950 AM and KISW 99.9 FMTHE GEMINI AFFAIR has a new six-song EP To… cut, mixed and mastered for fans, and set for release from G4L RecordsPearl Jam’s Mike McCready debuted the EP’s first single, “You’re Perfect,” on his boutique vinyl record label Hockeytalkter, and on Sirius XM Radio Pearl Jam Channel. Part U2, part FOO FIGHTERS, part SOUNDGARDEN, the record is all torch, lighting fans forward.