The Giant’s Fall – S/T Review

It’s really funny how some terms got in our minds and tunr out to be a synonim for other bands. To me, whne I see the word ‘giant’ I will always associate with Gentle Giant no matter how different the band could be. That’s exactly what happens here with The Giant’s Fall and their self-tittled album which I associated at first with Gentle Giant. The funny thing about it is that I’m no fan whatsoever of the band. I guess I tried to listen to an album and soon pulled it out because I didn’t like what I was listening. To many a blasphemy but that’s the way things are. Well, to some extent, I know Gentle Giant enough to say that “The Giant’s Fall” is totally dissimilar to them albums though I guess some of the etheral moods here are pretty close enough. Maybe some hidden influence I guess.

The Giant’s Fall” is an instrumental album. We don’t receive too many Doom Metal instrumental albums here so I’ll take it as they are pretty rare. Tracks here follow the picturesque instrumentals some Post-Black Metal and Atmospheric Black Metal bands are using these days without the eeirie vocals nor the strong and mesmerizing guitars. To a Doom Metal band I think it exactly lacks the mesmerizing guitars. On the other hand, The Giant’s Fall use very well effects and kyeboards to give them the illusional effects they desire. I guess the main idea here is to make the fan goes elsewhere out of this sad and lonely and pthetic little planet. My dear child of the night will strage the lack of guitar solos in an album full of guitars and with so many moments where the song asks for a guitar solo as in the final instants of “The End of Talos.” “The Giant King” opens up with an inflamed Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech. On second thought after hearing most of the song, the speech isn’t only in the beginning. The speech is all over the song inside a Black Sabbath “War Pigs” inspired instrumentals. I liked the effect. As I said before, I love band with a social agenda. Fun fact is that Doom Metal bands are the ones that are the most apart from any kind of politics. With all this “The Giant King” turned out to be the most interesting of the album “The Giant’s Fall.”

The Giant’s Fall The Giant’s Fall” was released on December 25th, 2022 via FYC Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Ichor
  2. Dark Inside
  3. The End of Talos
  4. The Giant King (Include Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech)Hades Calling

Watch “The Giant’s Fall” official music video here: