THE GIANT’S FALL Signs With FYC Records

The Giant's Fall Logo

FYC Records have announced a signing of new experimental band, THE GIANT’S FALL.

The deal will include a release of THE GIANT’S FALL‘s debut album in limited Digi CD and Merch.

FYC Records owner Wrath commented on signing: “It’s been for years that Mikebass (ex-LUCKY FUNERAL, BONE TO RUST) had isolated in Crete, working on his new project. So it’s a great honor for me and FYC Records to release this underground gem!!!

“Welcome to the family of FYC Records!!!!”

It was a time back in 2016 that Mikebass started a new project; a new journey. New ideas and jammings made the biggest part of THE GIANT’S FALL, a little music story. Sounds that are between doom and drone doom paths. Slow riffs, psychedelic, ambient and stoner thinks takes part in the whole project. The main theme of the album is Talos, an ancient Giant of Greek Mythology.

The Giant's Fall Signing Flyer