Orlando, FL’s The Glorious Rebellion have been destroying stages quickly, concisely, and with intent since forming in 2014. Their chaotic spin on noise rock features sounds reminiscent of Helmet, Unsane, and Acid Bath, turning heads at a rapid pace

Signed to Magnetic Eye Records shortly after forming, the band released two albums with the label. A self-titled 7 inch, and an EP, Euphoric. Both received critical acclaim, with Euphoric being favorably featured in Decibel Magazine, Noisey, Metal Injection, and several best of lists for 2016. The band has since parted ways with Magnetic Eye, and is soon to
release a new EP, entitled “Scholars of War.”

The Glorious Rebellion have shared the stage with such notable acts as Jucifer, The Phuss(featuring members of The Vandoliers), Black Tusk, Ken Mode, Lo-Pan, Black Cobra, Child Bite, Holly Hunt, Hollow Leg, Destroyer of Light, Bardus, and Junior Bruce.

Loud. Noisy. Get to the F***ing Point. We’re not here to make friends. We’re not here to play nice. We’re not looking for a good time. Crank it up and yell at it until our point is made and then get off the stage. No one ever checks your references, and they go for the cliff notes on your resume. Bios are pretty pointless ever since Google came along.

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