The Glorious Rebellion – Scholars of War

I won’t deny that the first thing that attract me was the name of the band: The Glorious Rebellion and the album name “Scholars of War.” You know, it’s really a natural thing to be attracted by such a name. But, I won’t deny either that their music is very attractive too. are a band that mix with an undeniable competence the influences of Pantera and Rage Against the Machine. The Glorious Rebellion exercise all Pantera’s grooves and aggression with Rage Against the Machine’s wrath and fury. A band that really defies the system. The kind of militant band with a cause.

Not only the lyrics, but the music build up an atmosphere of real angry. All three tracks – yeah, “Scholars of War” is an EP – are full of the most undeniable wrath against this sad and little souled planet. If you want rebellion, here’s a band that proves themselves to be the real deal. Each pore of The Glorious Rebellion transpires an inconceivable rage. Some may ask why so much fury. Ah, my brother, just look around. Go to the poorest side of your neighborhood and look the to faces. Go to a Wallmart and look to the faces. This world still makes slaves. The difference is that today’s slaves are anesthetized with the most powerful drug that is called illusion. “Scholars of War” is an album that rebels against this reality.

Only three linear songs, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick “Burn It Down, Lemon” because of its background choir which is intriguing almost The Beatles psychedelic era. Billy Myers III vocals are strong as the guitars. Nine minutes of the most expressive hostility and displeasure a band can ever play. For them the revolution has already begun. So, let’s burn them all!

The Glorious Rebellion “Scholars of War” will be released on March 29th via Sludgelord Records.

Track Listing:

  1. This Is Fine
  2. Turn Around, Bright Eyes
  3. Burn It Down, Lemon

Watch “My Resume Is A Suicide Note” official video: