THE GREAT OLD ONES Premiere Music Video For ‘Of Dementia’

The Great Old Ones
Photo credit: Joel Queyrel

Lovecraftian black metal band THE GREAT OLD ONES are now premiering their first ever music video, for the song “Of Dementia.” The stunning clip has been directed by Zev Deans, known from his work for PORTAL, BEHEMOTH and GHOSTTHE GREAT OLD ONES will release their new album Cosmicism on October 25 via Season of Mist.

The band comments: “Cultists of the entire world, it’s with a great pride that we present you our first videoclip, produced by Zev Deans, for the song “Of Dementia” from our new album Cosmicism.  On this album, we have mostly turned our eyes towards the cosmos, but we have not forgotten the cold and dark abyss, populated by unspeakable entities, especially the great Cthulhu, the pure evil in the depths of the sea.”

Cosmicism track listing:

1. Cosmic Depths (01:47)
2. The Omniscient (09:26)
3. Of Dementia (06:16)
4. Lost Carcosa (08:57)
5. A Thousand Young (11:44)
6. Dreams of the Nuclear Chaos (04:27)
7. Nyarlathotep (07:29)
8. To A Dreamer (07:34) Bonus Track

The Great Old Ones Cosmicism