THE HALO EFFECT’s Second Studio Album Set For Early 2024 Release

The Halo Effect

THE HALO EFFECT, a recent endeavor involving five ex-members of the Swedish metal band, IN FLAMESJesper Strömblad on guitar, Daniel Svensson on drums, Peter Iwers on bass, Niclas Engelin playing guitar, and Mikael Stanne providing vocals – have just finished mixing their second album.

In a recent conversation with Finland’s Chaoszine, Stanne shared details about the forthcoming LP: “It’s done, and it sounds awesome. But, yeah, we were [originally] supposed to do an EP [instead of a full-length album] — we had that kind of plan — but then we realized, ‘Ah, maybe not.’ So now we’re gonna release the album beginning of next year and starting with singles and that kind of stuff soon.

“So it’s really exciting, because we worked really hard just to fit into all of our schedules to make sure that the album was kind of done in time, and then we figured out like a release schedule and a release date and all that stuff,” he continued. “So it’s been — not stressful, but we did a lot during a short period of time, which ended up being fantastic just because it turned out a much more confident album, I think. It’s very focused and you can, you can probably tell — at least from the people that I’ve played it to — that whereas the first time was kind of, like, ‘Hey, let’s figure out what we wanna do,’ whereas this is kind of, like, ‘This is exactly what we wanna do.'”

“So it’s, it’s gonna be interesting. I can’t wait to have people hear it because I’m incredibly proud of it.”

When asked whether the upcoming second album by THE HALO EFFECT is a continuation to Days Of The Lost that was released the previous year, Stanne responded: “Yeah, I think so. I think Niclas and Jesper were more confident in terms of their songwriting, where it’s, like, ‘Yeah, this is gonna work.’ And there are some cool experimentation on the album as well, but some of the songs are just like straight up, like there’s no questions. It’s just so easy and so to the point, you know.

“So it’s kind of fun when I get the demo version of a song, and I start thinking about lyrics and vocals, it’s, like, it just makes sense. I just know this by heart. It’s so easy. Which is — it is weird, but it’s just, like, it speaks to me in a way that where I go like, ‘Okay, I know exactly what to do and I can finish it in a matter of days.’ That’s sometimes how it feels. You just hear a song and you go, like, ‘Yep, I know this already. I know exactly what to do. And it’s gonna be great.”