The Maledict – Dread

a2688044815_10  Too many death metal fans that I’m acquainted with are trapped in the past where death metal reigned supreme in the metal world, and not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s disappointing to see them missing out on some awesome s**t in favor of hearing old school Cannibal Corpse for the billionth time. If they weren’t so stubborn I’d introduce them to bands like The Maledict who have helped reinforce the new school of death metal to create something that the rest of us love with all of our hearts, and for me “Dread” only solidifies that love even more. Everything off of this hour long album shows that The Maledict are true disciples of modern death metal with a set of brutal guitars, a bass that killed each and every note, and drums that gave “Dread” an even more massive presence to make the album’s sound and feel just absolutely monstrous. Then there’s the vocals of which there are two sets even though it’s mainly for the intro track, and both of them add a great contrast that draws you in with a calmer set before blasting your brains out with the brutal set of growls that you knew you came for. And as I said this is an hour long album, so “Dread” has got far more than enough material to find your favorites, but if you ask me this whole record is a highlight in it of itself. Each track is a magnificent piece of modern death metal that prove the future of the genre is in very capable hands, and The Maledict is but one of many bands that will gladly and successfully carry that torch.

You can purchase “Dread” via iTunes here, stream it on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Tenebrae
  2. Fast Unto the End
  3. Frozen
  4. Column of Voracious Souls
  5. A Muse in Requiem
  6. Carrion Art
  7. In the Lips and Hearts
  8. Deadened Eyes to the Horizon