The Most Metal Video Games Ever


There are plenty of video games out there and some of them would fit well in the metal genre. When one thinks of the most metal games ever one thinks of brutal games that feature some metal music to go along with the carnage. These games fall into various categories but they are metal games nonetheless. The following list has such games:


This game follows a geeky protagonist on a quest to save his girlfriend from an evil scientist that wants to sacrifices her to the forces of darkness. In his quest, the protagonist has to make a deal with the devil and get a mask that transforms him into a demon-slaying beast. So a hoard of demons to kill, an evil scientist, and a deal with the devil? That sounds pretty metal. And don’t forget all the places you’ll redecorate with the blood of demons while you’re making your rescue.

Slot Games

Who said slot games can’t be metal was dead wrong. There are a few metal themed slot games that a seasoned metalhead would enjoy. Megadeth, KISS, and even Motorhead have served as inspiration for such games. These games also feature their songs which make the experience more enjoyable than ever.

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The Doom Series

This series of games has been loyal to metal for years. The first game in the series lets you assume the role of daring space marine that descends into the depths of hell to save humanity. Whichever game of the series you choose you won’t be disappointed as all of them will let you slay thousands of demons at the sound of metal in the background. If you’re looking for some polished graphics then you can give the new Doom or Doom: Eternal a try. Both games feature some fresh graphics and original music that will have you banging your head.

Shadows of the Damned

This is another metal game that lets you take the role of a protagonist that goes through the depths of hell to save his girlfriend. His name is Garcia Hotspur and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He and his sidekick, that’s also a gun, that’s also a motorbike go through hordes of demons just to save the damsel in distress.

Shadows of the Damned is a metal game that despite the brutality adds a little bit of black humor and some colorful characters in the mix to make the experience more interesting. The game also features Garcia’s angel that rages out and turns to a demon in the end. All in all, you won’t be bored a second when you’re playing this game.