The Noctambulant – Hellrazor Review

Hellrazor To write a review about any band, I have to make any kind of conexion with it. It’s hard to explain what kind of conexion because it varies a lot. Sometimes it’s the vocals, especially when it’s a girl, other times the instrumentals, long story short, I don’t what will make me get attracted to the band. Really! Well, sort of. Bands with female vocals or girls in it have a great deal of chance, Melodic Black Metal bands as well, in fact, bands that have some grounbreaking features. What are the groundbreaking features? Hum, really hard to explain in words. I guess just to say that there is such bands under Melodic Black Metal means really something, aren’t I right?

Well, it’s no news here to review Melodic Black metal efforts. We did it a few days. For what I’ve heard so far, to be melodic means a comeback to the roots of Black Metal using standard tuning and major scales as Venom used. That’s why melodic in this specific case doesn’t mean really melodic. It’s just the music herein has some features of Classic Heavy Metal as in Melodic Death Metal.  It gets groundbreaking because this mix with the death growls gives the songs some kind of demonic mockery and debauchery as can be noticed by tracks “Blackened Swords of Satan” and “GHBM” whose tone gives this impression. Speaking of “Blackened Swords of Satan,” this track shows something a bit unusual that is the catchy chorus – for Black Metal, of course – and that the lyrics can be understood. It’s a traditional into Extreme Metal music to make vocals virutally incomprehensible. In fact, “Hellrazor” gets different when those two tracks come in. And they are the reason I found this album so interesting. Of course, it’s not that previous tracks weren’t good, it’s just that were pretty conventional which the aforementioned two tracks aren’t. The grand finale is given by “Troll Crusher” which is pure white noise with the idea of the old breaking of a cassete tape. Back to the 1980s? Nah…

Music has these eternal backs and forths. It’s a natural thing since the fans become musicians with their own bands. There is a certain urge of bringing back the music they used to listen and mix with new influences. This movement allows music to evolve. The Noctambulant prove in a weird way. Well, it’s Black Metal.

The Noctambulant “Hellrazor” will be self-released on March 19th.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Hellrazor
  3. Blackened Swords of Satan (Feat. Mr.Damage of Chrome Division)
  4. GHBM
  5. Troll Crusher

Watch “Hellrazor” official music video here:

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