It’s not often you hear of someone celebrating over thirty years in music by releasing their debut album, but that’s exactly what veteran frontman Glamdave has done! From cutting his teeth in rock cover bands in the eighties to his eleven-year stint as vocalist in the glam rock tribute show ‘The Glam Band’, he had a guilty pleasure… progressive rock! Though like-minded local musicians were few and far between, that didn’t stop his writing and composing and, over the subsequent decades, he amassed a vast catalogue of material that only he and a few close friends had ever heard.
And then Covid hit.
To keep himself busy during the lockdown, he began compiling songs from his archive into some sort of order and soon realized that there was the basis of an album forming. After writing two extra songs to glue everything together, “Primary” was complete. Although production issues held up its initial release date, it finally headed out into the world in December 2022.
Outside of The Palimpsest, Glamdave can be seen providing bass and vocals on the pub circuit with the band On the Level and in his one-man show ‘Glamdaves unfeasible set list’ due to start in the spring.

Band Line-Up:
Glamdave: Everything!

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