The Reaktion – Selknam

selknam_artwork Straight from the beginning, The Reaktion seemed to be a promising band for me because it’s managed by Sid motherfucking Wilson of Slipknot who has a “little” experience in the music industry so I was curious to see what he could do as a band’s manager. Unfortunately for me, The Reaktion wasn’t amazingly awesome for me, their brand new album “Selknam” shows that they have definite promise if they really put their minds to it. This 12-track album shows a good variety of The Reaktion’s capability of a band that is mainly hard rock but also to spice things up they throw in some techno to mix it up. And sometimes a little bit of techno can work and go a long way, but it just didn’t mix well and didn’t work the hard rock which sounded great by itself, but combined with the techno that The Reaktion chose it just didn’t work for me. Everything else was pretty spot on though from the light vocals that had a good rhythm and flowed very nicely along with the guitars, the bass that had just enough of a crunchy to make it catchy at times, and the drums had an excellent beat. All in all, “Selknam” is an exceptional album from an exceptional band that has yet to find the right balance of their style which I’m sure that they can and will find very soon. The Reatkion is definitely a band to look out for if you’re a fan of rock mixed with a little bit of techno as that is exactly what this band is one hundred percent.

You can purchase “Selknam” via iTunes here, stream the entire album on SoundCloud here, and listen to the track “10 Steps to Success” via YouTube below.


Track Listing:

  1. 144K
  2. 10 Steps to Success
  3. Teach Me How to Stop the World
  4. Thousands of Memories
  5. I Am Somebody
  6. The Network
  7. No Kryptonite to Hold Us Back
  8. Cycles and Shapes
  9. The Lie That You Believe
  10. Synchro
  11. Across the Universe
  12. Enter the Fourth Dimension