The Road Vikings – Requiem Of An Outlaw Biker

logohighres  The Road Viking’s upcoming album “Requiem Of An Outlaw Biker” is as if someone decided to take Manowar and make it more modern, a little more heavier, and giving it a biker theme to it.

The entire album has a fast, energetic rhythm and sound to it that grasps the attention of the listener during the entire album.

“Requiem Of An Outlaw Biker” is due for release sometime during the fall of this year, and when it does I’m sure many people out there will get several kicks out of this.

You can listen to and watch the music video for “Requiem Of An Outlaw Biker” via YouTube here.


Track Listing:

  1. I Burn In Hell
  2. The Road To Valhalla
  3. Requiem Of An Outlaw Biker
  4. The Ballad Of Evil Knievel
  5. Live To Ride
  6. Full Moon
  7. Black Magic Nights
  8. Lovebound
  9. Emergency
  10. Headwind