THE ROYAL Are On ‘Deathwatch’

Dutch Metal Band THE ROYAL keep exploring the wide variety of today’s metal scene. After the release of their first label release “Seven” – which was hailed for its catchy riffs and uplifting songs – THE ROYAL played numerous club shows and festivals across 25 european countries during a 2 month tour. This was followed by a series of intercontinental shows during a 4 week tour in Japan and China.

Writing songs on tour and 5 guys discussing rather heavy topics at times, The Royal decided to explore the darker side of metalcore on their upcoming album ‘Deathwatch.’ The new record is a mix of catchy riffs with heavy breakdowns and ambient sounds. There is a lot of raw emotion put into this upcoming record, in which the band processes what has been a very emotional past year.

Writing, producing, designing and a lot of other DIY brings this album closest to what it should be. Whether it’s vocalist Sem Pisarahu writing about life struggles, or the exceptional guitar work of JD and Pim; if you like shadowy, epic sounding, emotional metal music, rest assured; this album is for you.

Line Up:
Sem Pisarahu – Vocals
JD Liefting – Guitars
Pim Wesselink – Guitars
Youri Keulers – Bass
Tom van Ekerschot – Drums

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