The Royal – Deathwatch

Ah, an album that kicks off just the way we all love. “Pariah” starts off with a strong riffing with an angry voice and insane drumming. The freaking pace has those famous Extreme Metal breaks that work wonders in a song. An enthusiastic song that makes “Deathwatch” worth it.

It’s a great thing to give bands a try. That’s why I always listen to an album more than one time. I usually listen to it twice, when necessary more than twice. At times it happens to go writing on the very first notes. It’s rare, but it does happen. It’s necessary to catch the spirit of the album and of the band. “Deathwatch” is an album that combines Extreme Metal features from the old school death metal to the modern ones. Tracks as “Soul Sleeper” have a strong touch of Modern Metal with its fingered parts and some slight effects done by the guitars. Low-toned guitars give it this feeling added by some oriental elements. It’s a fun mix, but I guess to be fun wasn’t exactly The Royal intent. But it does work fine. “Deathwatch” has the capability of attracting old school and modern Metal fans. On the other hand “Exodus Black” sounds much more old school Death Metal with its insane guitar riffing and pace. If you intentionally skip the effects, the song gets even better. Focus on the guitars and voice.

The Royal with “Deathwatch” have an interesting, and controversial, proposal. But I really don’t know if Metal fans could be surprise by this kind of blend. My guess is that fans expect any kind of blend these days even more if they are on Metal features.

The Royal “Deathwatch” was released on March 08th via Long Branch Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Pariah
  2. Savagers
  3. State of Dominance
  4. Soul Sleeper
  5. Deathwatch
  6. Exodus Black
  7. Nine for Hell
  8. Lone Wolf
  9. Avalon
  10. Glitch

Watch “Deathwatch” official video here: