The Scalar Process – Coagulative Matter Review

Technical Death Metal albums and bands are always such a puzzle. The fan never knows for sure what he will find in such albums. It’s always a mistery to know what will come next in each track due to the eager feeling of destroying all musical barriers. Technical Death Metal bands have found the missing link between musical prowness and aggression, the beauty and the beast within. This The Scalar Process “Coagulative Matter” shows us all this. At first it’s not the album you will fall in love at the first hearing. No, sir. I confess I was about to leave it when the first plot twist of many came. It’s an album that has many Metal features reunited together in a very sick manner. Its heavy and dense pounding of the beginning gave me some real headache and made have that feeling of what I’m doing here. First track “Elevation” was the responsable for such a surprise in the general of me and for the album.

When the fan hears “Coagulative Matter” the first impression that comes is that the wrathful and full of anger music of it is getting tamed as the album goes on. As I said “Elevation” kicks off with a very respectable pounding that gave me some headache. It’s even in this track that the music goes continuously changing with The Scalar Process introducing more and more elements that diluted a little the anger. “Beyond the Veil of Consciousness,” for instance, has a classical piano by its tenth minute that breaks all the killing machine that was set. The album is full of ethereal moments that would be expected in all subgenres of Metal, but Death Metal. Following track “Ouroboros” is a track full those ethereal and flying effects which Prog bands love. The melt of this with the furious Brutal Death Metal inspired tittle track “Coagulative Matter” is a killer. The fan will feel the thrills while listening to it. It’s such an experience to listen to the death grows of “Somnambulation” with the prominent basslines and the broken guita riffing.

I would have made a huge mistake if I had gave up on “Coagulative Matter.” Great album with great ideas and the unsual melts.

The Scalar Process “Coagulative Matter” will be released on February 19th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Elevation
  2. Cosmic Flow
  3. Ink Shadow
  4. Celestial Existence
  5. Mirror Recognition
  6. Poisoned Fruit
  7. Azimuth
  8. Beyond the Veil of Consciousness
  9. Ouroboros
  10. Coagulative Matter
  11. Somnambulation

Watch “Azimuth” official music video here:

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