The Show That Blowed Up COREY TAYLOR’S Mind May Surprise You

Corey Taylor

We all think that Metal artists aren’t regular people who go to the supermarket, run home errands, or like other artists than Metal’s. To like an artist that isn’t from Metal doesn’t make a metaller a lesser one. People are like this. We all have other tastes and likes. Even though they might be weird to say the least. What really counts is the music they play. Dave Mustaine, Tony Iommi, Bruce Dickinson, just to name a few, have disclosed that they like other kinds of music. But is there anything we can say about their music? No, not all. They all sweat integrity.

Well, Corey Taylor told Ticketmaster what was the show that blowed his mind, and it wasn’t not near Metal. Take a look:

“My wife works in management, so we don’t really go to a lot of shows, because we’re almost always on the road. But there have been a couple of times where we just say, ‘Screw it, we’re getting dressed up and we’re going out.’

“One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen was when we saw Lionel Richie at The Colosseum in Vegas. We have a house there and happened to be in town on one of his two-week runs. We were losing our minds. From his performance to the audience participation, the laughter — it was just such a great vibe. It made me very, very envious, and I was, like, ‘Man, I can’t wait to get back on the road!’

“Sometimes you’ll go see bands play and you can just tell — I shudder to say ‘going through the motions’ — but you can just tell that something’s off. But it’s very refreshing to see an artist that after all those years, he still puts on a show. And I will go and see him again no matter where he’s playing.”