THE STONE EYE Sign Deal With Eclipse Records And Announce New Album ‘South Of The Sun’

Eclipse Records is excited to announce the signing of THE STONE EYE to an exclusive worldwide deal! The band is a progressive stoner-sludge rock band from Philadelphia (USA) that combines uniquely glorious weirdness with clever musicianship. They are currently getting ready to release their sixth full-length album South Of The Sun on October 15th, 2021 via Eclipse Records.

“It’s an amazing feeling to know that this group that I have been deeply involved with for the past 8 years is now going to be working with one of the most prominent and respected independent record labels in the country”, says drummer Jeremiah Bertin.

Guitarist/vocalist Stephen Burdick adds: “As a band we feel as though we have assembled our best and most diverse collection of tunes to date and having the opportunity to collaborate with Eclipse Records and reach a larger audience is both intriguing and exciting.

THE STONE EYE was founded in 2014 by drummer Jeremiah Bertin and Guitarist/Vocalist Stephen Burdick. Following a few years and a couple of lineup changes, with former-Bassist Wolfgang Noll contributing to this upcoming release before his departure, we have now arrived at THE STONE EYE‘s current incarnation featuring the original two members along with Guitarist/Vocalist Christian Mechem and now Bassist, Mike Pacca.

South Of The Sun Track Listing:
1. Who’s There?
2. Halfway House
3. Catatonia
4. Witches & Raptures
5. 60/26
6. South Of The Sun
7. Aleutian Summer
8. Presence Of The Mind (2021)
9. Ethereal Visions
10. Homage To Micah
11. Riots
12. Gone Away
13. Saylo