The Temperance Movement – White Bear

the_temperance_movement  Of all the albums that I was looking forward to for early 2016, The Temperance Movement were no doubt the ones I wanted to hear the most. These fine gentlemen are already worthy of being put into the rock and roll hall of fame after just one album, and now that their second record, “White Bear”, is out now I can safely say that they will no doubt have their own spot in the hall when it is their time to join the legends. Each track off of “White Bear” is a unique experience that creates this positive, feel-good atmosphere that is surrounded by immense riffs that are catchy beyond belief, so all you want to do is hear the next track, and the next, and the next. An album that explores the depths of emotions that we all feel, dealing with the harsh realities of life, and everything in between, The Temperance Movement have made this record to be the very definition of a “rock n roll roller-coaster” as I like to call it where you are taken an absolute ride that you will want to get in line for over and over again. And these are not lengthy songs, no, these songs are meant to keep an upbeat feel for the whole album and that really gives “White Bear” a fantastic tone to it that you notice but don’t consciously acknowledge, instead you just soak that amazingness up like a dry sponge. This is jsut a record that is one for the ages simply because it keeps making you want to come crawling back and listen to it again because it’s so hypnotic and sounds so ridiculously good compared to so much other rock bands out there that it’s pretty much clear that The Temperance Movement are at the top when it comes to a new generation of rock n roll legends. If you want a good time, “White Bear” has got 13 good times for you and I can pretty much promise you that if you’re any sort of rock fan then you will be all over this album and The Temperance Movement by the end of the last track like white on rice.

You can stream “White Bear” in full via YouTube playlist here or below, and purchase the album via Earache Records’ store here.

Track Listing:

  1. Three Bulleits
  2. Get Yourself Free
  3. A Pleasant Peace I Feel
  4. Modern Massacre
  5. Battle Lines
  6. White Bear
  7. Oh Lorraine
  8. Magnify
  9. The Sun and Moon Roll Around
  10. I Hope I’m Not Losing My Mind
  11. Time Won’t Leave (iTunes Bonus)
  12. Centrefold (Deezer Bonus)
  13. Do the Revelation (Spotify Bonus)