The Unity – Pride

The general grip in The Unity “Pride” is about the same as its predecessor “Rise.” But, I guess, “Pride” is a bit more melodic. From where I’m standing there is a step ahead between the two releases. This one, I guess, is more epic and pungent, there are more moments of real heavy music. First track intro “The New Pandora” tells a lot about this. “Destination Unknown” and “Angel of Dawn” also exploit this epic opening, or intro, if you may. The song has a heavy riffing that is only broken by the extremely melodic, and well-tuned, Gianbattista Manenti vocals. When I say broken is in no way in the bad sense. It’s only that vocals creates a counter sense, an oposition, or in the terms I’d rather, the dialects. In general, guitars are heavier and more creative as the wah phrases in “Line And Sinker” which give a natural and bright tone to the song.

To be really frank here, “Pride” sounds much more natural than “Rise” which is a real pro to this album. Songs flow naturally and in no way the fan gets the feeling “Hum, I’ve heard this before. Don’t know where.” The Unity were much more careful on the songwiriting to avoid this common problem that happen to all bands that emulate a certain epoch. With lots of ability, The Unity avoid this and I have to congratulate the band for this. It is really hard to be news on what is called now Melodic Hard Rock. Yeah, The Unit are inspired by bands as Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow 1980’s era – I guess the most, or even Whitesnake 1980’s era as well. So the fan listens to an album witrh pristine musicians which are virtuosi in their instrumentals and songs that are meant to play on FM radios – well, if they existed. But make no mistake, The Unity is a real solid band, not a tribute band.

If you in the mood for some great Melodic Hard Rock, The Unity are your band and “Pride” is your album. There are memorable songs here as “Angel of Dawn” whose cadence and emotion bring the fan to tears – good ones indeed.

The Unity “Pride” will be released on March 13th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

  1. The New Pandora
  2. Hands of Time
  3. Line and Sinker
  4. We Don´t Need Them Here
  5. Destination Unknown
  6. Angel of Dawn
  7. Damn Nation
  8. Wave of Fear
  9. Guess How I Hate This
  10. Scenery of Hate
  11. Rusty Cadillac
  12. You Don´t Walk Alone