The Velvet SuperSloths – S/T Review

Here’s the anger I’ve been talking about for some reviews. Metal is the way many people have of letting things just go out. To be in a Metal show is such a fantastic and overwhelming experience many should have once in their lives. It’s the place one can speak out and let all the inside demons go with no fear of looking ridiculous for doing whatever pleases. In general, Metal fans bang their heads, play air guitars and drums, jump in a mosh and all the things allowed in a Metal show. Deena Weinstein, one of the most important author about Metal, said that the show is the place where Metal bands and metalheads feels free. It’s their place. There’s no better place for them in this sad and pathetic and lonely little world.

The name of the band is a bit unusual, but the music… Ah, the music. It’s intense and warm as a good embrace. The Velvet SuperSloths do an exciting trip through Metal subgenres with a stronger accent to the Groove a la Pantera. However, the fan will find many other influences in the album. There are lots of uncanny sonancies in “The Velvet SuperSloths” that the fan will soon notice. First, the distorted bass sound in “Irrestible” with the irrestible – ah, I couldn’t help it – angry and nervous beginning. It’s the kind of opening track that everybody wants to hear. The untangible and incomprehensible chorus in “Dead Red Moon” is something to try to singalong – of course, if you can. In general the mood in albums of this style is completely serious, but here there’s some party. Or is it just mockery? But, I guess the greatest thing in this album is the tones of the guitars and the bass. When you liksten to tracks as “Uncertain Outcome” you feel the excitement in the air. Rhythm guitars are lowtuned and a bit muffed, but when it comes to lead the tone change a bright and clear tone. The Wah pedal really does a big diffenrece in the tone as I always pinpoint.

There’s a lot of things to be discovered in “The Velvet SuperSlothsand the fan must listen to it very carefully. “Where Are You,” for instance, opens up with an epic and anthemic chorus with a guitar duplicating the notes. There’s a great taste fo the 1990s here remind a bit bands like Nirvana or Soundgarden. I say that each track may be a surprise.

The Velvet SuperSloths “The Velvet SuperSlothswas released on January 16th via Hell On the Rock.

Track Listing:

  1. Irresistible
  2. Higher Fire
  3. Forsaken Life
  4. Dead Red Moon
  5. Sold Your Soul
  6. Never Too Late
  7. I Am Penny
  8. Uncertain Outcome
  9. Dirty Night
  10. Where Are You
  11. Sloth-toé
  12. Realms of Death

Watch “Higher Fire” official video here: