THE VELVET SUPERSLOTS Released Their Self-Titled Album

The Velvet SuperSloths were formed late 2014 in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Yanick and Johnny were joking about Johnny’s beard, which would be perfect to be in a stoner band. Soon enough the two of them decided to make it happen. So they each called friends from previous bands to join in. 20 minutes later Eric and JF were in, and the only missing link was a solid singer.

The band jammed and wrote some tunes and put together a 4 songs demo in a month or so. They released the demo hoping it would catch the attention of a strong vocalist. They got a dozen offers from singers of various styles. But Dave was way above the others. Plus, he is a professionnal sound engineer, a huge advantage for a DIY band. December 2014, the band was complete.

The Velvet SuperSloths spent two years composing a lot of songs, crafting their sound, and playing tons of local shows. The growing demand brought the band to release 4 singles in 2017-2018. At that time, They had no intention of releasing a full album. The 4 singles got so much good reviews that it allowed The Velvet SuperSloths to play even more shows around the Quebec Province and in Ontario.

Late 2018, it became obvious that the band needed a full album, as fans were almost frustrated they couldn’t buy a physical release from the band. Since every ressources needed to produce an album were already available among the band members (sound engineer, graphic designer, marketer, etc), They decided to make it a full DIY project.

The album was due to be released in June 2020 and to go on tour the whole summer. Then the pandemic struck, so the band decided to take their time to put the final touches to the album, and to shoot a music video for the song “Higher Fire” (released November 2020). Now the groove metal self-titled album has been released January 16th 2021 on Hell on the Rock Records (the band’s own label), and the band is firing on all cylinders and is fully ready to take the road as soon as possible.

Band Line-up:
David Boisse – Vocals
Eric Provencher – Guitar/Back vocal
Jean-François St-Cyr – Guitar
Yanick Brouillard – Bass
Johnny Maximum – Drums

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