The Wizards – Rise of the Serpent

True raw music is what The Wizards do in “Rise of the Serpent.” Everything sounds great, but then a crash cymbal ‘crashes’ into your years. A hi-hat goes a bit higher. Recording the drums has always been a mystery. And yet, it hasn’t been solved though all the technology available. Just listen to “Apocalyptic Weapons” and “Aftermath” to check it out. Pay close attention to the crash cymbals. Therefore, it’s no big deal. There is a kind of charm in this kind of sonance. We like it raw. What matter most is the heart, passion, and emotion. “Rise of the Serpent” has lots of them all. The Wizards are a band who passes their passion for Metal in each note. Songs are well-built. Fine textures were knit very carefully.

The Wizards are a band of the school of Metal. Some call it traditional Metal. No problem. But it is not enough to express everything The Wizards and “Rise of the Serpent” want to express. Heavy Metal, as I said before, is a historical musical movement. Historical because each Metal fan pays his respects to all bands that came before even if he only likes modern bands. Every Metal fan knows who Black Sabbath were, liking them or not, the same for Iron Maiden, Saxon, whoever. Though the music The Wizards do maybe called traditional, or whatever, they do a modern version of it. They learned with the masters and they add their own things. If you pay close attention to George Dee and Phil The Pain – hehehehe, loved the pum – guitars, you’ll notice that they blend modern and not so modern guitar technique. Their tone reminds a lot the great Scorpions’ Mathias Jabs.

The Wizards are a band where the past, present and future meet. As they cohabit in all of us. Time is a trick dimension. Tracks like “VOID (Vision of Inner Death)” shows it clearly with vocalist Sir Ian Mason singing with a 1980ish style, very near to U2’s Bono Vox. No need for fancy studios, no fancy equipment, only heart and passion can work miracles. Well, good gear helps a lot too, but it isn’t the key for a great band. The Wizards with “Rise of the Serpent” prove us that.

The Wizards “Rise of the Serpent” will be released on October 26th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Apocalyptic Weapons
  2. Destiny
  3. Circle of Time
  4. Distorted Mirrors
  5. Age of Man
  6. Strings Synchronise
  7. Aftermath
  8. VOID (Vision of Inner Death)

Watch “Serpent’s Venom” here: