The World Without Us – Incarnate

Here I present you an EP that in no way sounds like one. The World Without Us come with “Incarnate” which has only four tracks, but they sound as if to be much more. I respect bands that are able to record seven or eight monolithic tracks. It shows personality and belief in what they’re doing, but bands that vary in only four tracks have my immense respect. “Incarnate” belongs to the secong team. The four tracks “Incarnate” is composed are completely different from each other showing various influences of the most different styles as jazz for instance.

First track “Listen in Obsidian” kicks off with a gentle fingered section and a sweet and kind vocal. The feeling is that The World Without Us are some kind of melodic band, but then in sudden by the second minute things change and “Listen in Obsidian” gets Prog feeling very near what Evership use to do. The end of it is even more surprising with an up-tempo cadence that goes to Death Metal. Okay, then. So, let’s jump to the second track which the unadvised fan would think would go almost as the same. Nah, flat wrong! “Man-Sized Hail” seems to have been recorded by another band as it is so different from “Listen in Obsidian.” It begins as as Groove Metal piece and finishes as a Black metal act. Finish? Nah. Flat wrong again. By the second and a half minute, “Man-Sized Hail” turns into a Technical Death Metal piece with touches of jazz. Crazy, isn’t it? Pretty much. Okay, now that you’re used to all the plot twists The World Without Us have to offer to fans and the Groove Metal beginning of “Things to Tell the Press” is no surprise at all. As I say, there is nothing like listening to all the album…

The World Without Us and “Incarnate” love to surprise the fans and also to write varied songs. Not only varied among them but inside them. All tracks from “Incarnate” offer lots of changes of cadence, tempo, and styles. “Incarnate” is a lesson of variation in Metal.

The World Without Us “Incarnate” was released on October 25th.

Track Listing:

  1. Listen in Obsidian
  2. Man-sized Hail
  3. Things to Tell the Press
  4. I Am the Mist

Watch “Listen in Obsidian” official lyric video here: