The Death Wheelers – I Tread on Your Grave

Technology is a double sided blade. A lot of people mention that. In one hand, it almost killed the musical industry in the way it was pillarbased founded. It had to reinvent itself due to internet and digital technologies. On the other hand, due to lowering the costs, it allowed more people to achieve the means to record songs, and of course, with this freedom, to do whatever they wanted in terms of music. So, in about ten years or less, a bunch of musicians were free to come up with all the weird, and The nice, music they wanted to.

The Death Wheelers “I Tread on Your Grave” is a perfect outcome of those modern times. I mean not because they are the avant guard, but because they do what they really want. And this is a good old fashioned acid rock. Don’t know the term? Acid rock is one of HM parents altogether with psychedelic rock and the blues. I never though I would hear again a fuzz guitar, but “I Tread on Your Grave” gave that to me. “I Tread on Your Grave” is a very dazzling album not only because of its old fashioned sonance, but also because of being instrumental. There are voices only in the beginning of each track to introduce the song.

The Death Wheelers surprised me as a band. A careful ear will notice that they were capable of putting through the acid rock thing some dashes of modernity. Such thing is because The Death Wheelers  use some techniques that were not really common during the late 1960s and early 1970s, such as the prominent thin bass lines. The same with the drums sonance which is higher than the usual in those times. They used to be thicker and opaque. But hold your horses! “I Tread on Your Grave” is a very good album. I recommend it to all heavy metallers who wish to know where our beloved genre came from. The Death Wheelers “I Tread on Your Grave” is also a cultural thing.

The Death Wheelers “I Tread on Your Grave” will go down the road on May 11th via RidingEasy Records.

Track Listing:

  1. I Tread on Your Grave
  2. Discycles
  3. Roadkill
  4. Sleazy Rider Returns
  5. Deaf Wheelers
  6. Black Crack
  7. Moto Vampiro
  8. Purple Wings
  9. Backstabber
  10. RIP (Last Ride)
  11. Moby Dick

Watch “I Tread on Your Grave” official video here: