Theories – Regression

theories regression  When raw gets more raw and then you smash that together with some death/grind metal you get a unique combination that’s hard to master, and yet here’s Theories with their debut album, “Regression”, pulling it off like they’ve been doing it for f**king decades!

This album front to back is a blisteringly fast and brutalizing piece of work that literally comes out from your headphones to punch you in the goddamn face and then send you through the meat grinder. Oh, and then it pisses on what comes out. That’s how heavy and intense “Regression” is in its entirety with the hardcore vocals and guitars just blasting away in each song and practically tearing you a new one every time they bring something else that they didn’t before to the table.

I’ve no doubt that fans of death metal and grind metal can find at least a few things to agree with with this hybrid of those genres because “Regression” has shown that Theories have accomplished what several bands before them have failed: making death/grind metal sound f**king badass and have us s**t our pants for the entire ride.

“Regression” releases via Metal Blade Records on March 24 and you can purchase the album via iTunes here, stream the track “Cycle of Decay” via YouTube below, or stream the whole album exclusively via Invisible Oranges here.

Track Listing:

  1. Burnt Concrete
  2. Cycle of Decay
  3. Shame
  4. Abortive Crescent
  5. Bathing in Pigs Blood
  6. First World’s Last Breath
  7. Swimming in Mud
  8. Revenge / Rewild
  9. Hell in Her Eyes
  10. Landfill