‘There’s Far More Sex, Drugs And Rock‘n’roll Going On In The Average Rugby Club On A Saturday Night Than On The Entire Iron Maiden Tour’ According To Bruce Dickinson

Though Bruce Dickinson has seen and done it all during his time as a frontman of a leading band, and that he is no such thing as a bon vivant, we have never imagined that Iron Maiden’s gigs were kind of a monastery.  His life experience led him to write an autobiography “What Does This Button Do?” where he takes fans on a journey through the most colourful elements of his astonishing life

Such a workholic,Bruce said the book started life as a handwritten document compiled while Iron Maiden were on tour in support of “The Book Of Souls. “I get the occasional day off,” he chuckles, “which turns out not to be a day off at all.”

While performing in Australia,  Bruce gave an interview to Beat where he stated he couldn’t write about sex, drugs and rock‘n’roll because:

“There’s far more sex, drugs and rock‘n’roll going on in the average rugby club on a Saturday night than on the entire Iron Maiden tour put together. There are other ways to have fun.”

“We really enjoy what we do, which is play music, running around. I like to really squeeze life for all it’s worth. One chapter is about when I got diagnosed with throat cancer. It’s reasonably graphic I suppose.”