These Are 13 Best Heavy Metal T-Shirts Of All Time, According To Kerrang!

Photo credit: Kerrang!

Kerrang! magazine have compiled a list of thirteen best t-shirts in heavy metal of all time.

They comment: “Considering what an important role band t-shirts have played in the heavy metal history, we thought we’d round up and rank the most classic, timeless – and all-around best – t-shirts that have ever hugged a headbanger’s torso. We’ll do our best to explain how each shirt was designed, who had a hand in making it, and what makes it a metal apparel staple today.”

List is below, for a commentary on each t-shirt, check the original article.

13. Obituary’s Cause Of Death Shirt

12. Motörhead’s England Shirt

11. Anthrax’s Among The Living Shirt

10. Brujeria’s Mantando Güeros Shirt

9. Slipknot’s Self Titled Album Shirt

8. Iron Maiden’s Trooper Shirt

7. Darkthrone’s True Norwegian Black Metal shirt

6. Cannibal Corpse’s Eaten Back To Life Shirt

5. Metallica’s Master Of Puppets Shirt

4. Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power Shirt

3. Death’s Logo Shirt

2. Cradle Of Filth’s Jesus Is A C*nt Shirt

1. Slayer’s Silver Eagle Shirt