These are the best casino games for metalheads


If you like to listen to heavy metal, but also want to gamble at a casino from time to time, there is a way to do both. It is easy and accessible to gamble at online casinos. You are no longer required to go anywhere and can play while listening to some heavy metal at home, or even in between songs at a metal concert. Let’s look at some of the best casino games for metalheads!

Before you start to play, it is important to find the right casino. This can be tricky, as there are so many to choose from. A good idea is to find one that offers the games you want to play, in this case, are some with heavy metal themes. However, the focus should always be on finding a safe and legitimate site. As a help on the way, an online casino guide is very helpful. You can find descriptions and reviews on some of the best online casinos at Now, onto the games.

Rocker 2

Exiting spins with Guns N’ Roses

Slot machines are by far the best game for any metalhead because you can find them in so many themes. You can play with themes from your favorite band, for example, Guns N’ Roses. The great part about this machine is that it incorporated cool symbols from Guns N’ Roses’ artists and the album covers. Slot machines are also very easy to play since you only need to pull the lever, watch the symbols move, and wait for them to stop. It will then show a pattern of symbols, where some equal a prize, and others not. While you are waiting, you can spend your time watching the cool Guns N’ Roses theme or listen to some of their songs.

Motörhead slots for the fans

Next is a slot machine from the great band Motörhead, where the classic casino symbols like the 7, the cherry, and the bell are mixed with items from the band. If you are lucky, you can even get one with the Motörhead logo! This game also has five different lines where you can win big. With some Motörhead music in the background, you will feel the link between casino games and heavy metal, both being super cool. You can find these games online, and some casinos even have a heavy metal theme with designs and games that are perfect for any headbanger!

There are many heavy metal songs about gambling and casinos, so it makes sense that any metalhead would be interested in this! Try one of these games the next time you want to try your luck online, or have a go at a casino with the full heavy metal theme! To get in the mood, you can listen to Ace of Spades or The Angel and the Gambler.