This Bus In Poland Is Apparently Spreading Satanism

Poland Bus Hel 666

The bus number 666, which belonged to PKS Gdynia – a bus company in Poland, has been replaced with number 669 due to the objection raised by religious conservatives against the former number. The company made this change for its buses traveling to the city of Hel.

Conservatives have reportedly objected to the number of a bus, claiming that it promotes Satanism. As a result, they demanded that the bus company change the number. PKS Gdynia has also weighed in on the issue, stating that “We are turning the last 6 upside down!”

Marcin Szwaczyk, the designer for the bus company, stated to the news website that the number 669 was chosen as it was deemed to be less controversial than the previous number.

Certainly, some conservatives are pleased. A particular user on social media, Robert Eryk Wozniak, wrote: “I think that the next step should be to change the name of the town of Hel to something else because it is against our Christian Polish roots!”

The change hasn’t been well-received by everyone, as another Polish resident Krzysztof Nadolski adds: “It was a worldwide advert. I have often read about route 666 to Hel on foreign websites or Facebook groups. I am convinced there were tourists who would have probably arrived faster by train, but for fun they took bus route 666.”