THIS ENDING and Their ‘Needles of Rust’

This Ending were formed in 2005 and has so far released 3 albums that all have received positive reviews. Now on the 11th of June it’s time for the next chapter with the release of Needles of Rust. An album that further sets the trademark sound that This Ending has established, simply put, melodic death metal done right. It’s catchy, melodic, brutal and diverse.

After the release of the last album “Garden Of Death,” This Ending embarked on a European tour with label mates Ablaze My Sorrow in 2017. This Ending has also played numerous shows especially in Sweden and has become an established and energetic live act with the ability to engage the audience.

The members of This Ending have since the release of “Garden Of Death” kept on working on new songs and when the new album almost was complete, drummer Fredrik Andersson decided to leave the band. This left the band in a situation that had to be resolved quickly. Luckily This Ending already had a solution within the band. Guitarist Peter Nagy is a skilled musician and has also played drums for many years. He has been the drummer on all “Mörk Gryning” albums except one. Peter was quick to accept the challenge and his work on Needles Of Rust is nothing else but brilliant and gave This Ending a new dimension to their sound. This Ending have crafted another melodic death metal masterpiece, so be prepared to be injected with Needles Of Rust.

Band Line-Up:
Mårten Hansen – vocals
Linus Nirbrant – guitar, vocals
Peter Nagy – drums, keyboards, backing vocals
Linkan Pettersson – bass
Gord Olson (Darkened) – guest vocals (Eclipse Of The Dead)
Paul “Themgoroth” Nordgrim (Ex- Dark Funeral) – guest vocals (Devastate)

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