This Ending – Needles of Rust Review

Have I ever told how I appreciate and cherish Melodic Death Metal? Hum, if I had I guess it wasn’t enough.

Though I really appreciate it after hearing a lot Melodic Death Metal bands it’s impossible not to get the feeling that I read just the other day about Amon Amarth. Someone said that their songs are about the same. Well, I guess the guy overreacted a little, however the though was kept inside my mind. Of course there are features that are exhaustely repeated. That happens in all genres. Melodic Death Metal has its formula as well and it’s been a little worn out, I confess. Though to say that all bands are the same up to the limit is to say that all Metal bands are alike.

Ok, then, so let’s go to the band of today This Ending with “Needles of Rust.” This Ending explore more the Death side than the Melodic side of the genre. “Needles of Rust” delivers a much more aggressive mooding than its peers though all the melodic passages after all this is a Melodic Death Metal effort. As usual, the instrumental is really neat with insane blast beats, guitars that alternate the melodic and the filthy, bass lines that give the right pulsation and vocals that kill. I feel the urge to say that “Needles of Rust” is correct, but I’ll keep it. I avoid the term because to me it doesn’t sound right though maybe useful at times. To say that an album is correct is the same as saying that it doesn’t have anything to call the eye and that’s not acurate nor fair to “Needles of Rust.”

Musicwise “Needles of Rust” alternates both moments, I mean, the Death side with the Melodic side. Death side wins. For instance, opening track “My Open Wound” and third track “Embraced by Night” follow the Death side with their scorching and corrisive mooding and sandwich second track “Annihilate.” The album goes in this direction alternating the harsher and faster tracks with some more melodic or mixing them altogether as in “Eclipse of the Dead” which has a very touching intro to then burst in an angry and heavy tune that alternates the moments of sweetness and fury. I guess it’s the track that represents This Ending and “Needles of Rust” the most. I appreaicte very much the melodic and emotional guitar solos that the band goes including in all tracks from then on as in “A New Plight.”

This is an album that may change your mind about Melodic Death Metal. It’s love or hate.

This Ending “Needles of Rust” will be released on June 11th via Black Lion Records.

Track Listing:

  1. My Open Wound
  2. Annihilate
  3. Embraced by the Night
  4. Eclipse of the Dead*
  5. A New Plight
  6. Needles of Rust
  7. Devastate
  8. Hell to Hell
  9. The Hunted (physical release bonus track)

Watch “Needles of Rust” official lyric video: