THLURM and ‘The Thlurm Must Die & Dungeon Scum’

What in the hellish f**k is THLURM? The word almost gets stuck on your tongue like a stubborn acid tab. THLURM is the curious moniker of the black/punk/death/grind solo project created in the crypts of Indiana by Austin Sipes.

You can padlock your doors and bar your basement windows, but THLURM will still infiltrate your consciousness when Wise Blood Records releases the project’s first two demos on April 29th. “The Thlurm Must Die” is the band’s initial snarl of activity. Picture DEVIL MASTER’s slaytanic surf mutated with RUDIMENTARY PENI’s DNA and the septic splatter from ‘80s Troma movies. The most recent demo “Dungeon Scum” submerges their sound in even more blackened slime. But the raw recordings reveal a project in evolutionary growth; a formidable foe growing stronger.

THLURM’s demo release is part of Wise Blood’s demo series to support up and coming regional artists. Get toxic wasted with THLURM and infect your friends with some lethal blackened punk.


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