Thorium – Thorium

Bands have spoiled us, metalheads. Because of them we expect always the unexpected. The unusual. When we get a new band to try it, we expect it to be only, but awesome. Great riffing, awesome musicians, resourceful vocals, and yet, good lyrical content. Even sedimented subgenres in Metal, like speed/power metal, as it is this case, we expected news. And you know what? Bands respond. Bands offer us just their best. Even though if they are newcomers. Thorium debut album is one more proof of it.

Thorium are a step ahead in the world of speed/power metal. They don’t follow exactly the same formula. There are detours in their way. Small ones, but the necessary to make them sound different. Thorium add more melodic vocals, some touches of classical music, exciting and vibrating choruses and riffing. And generous dashes of the good old Iron Maiden from the classical era, not the boring era of now. Yeah, I know, it sounds redundant, but believe me, Thorium are a step ahead. Listen to “Ostrogoth” and “Icons Fall” and tell if there isn’t something else about them.

“Thorium” is full of epic tracks with sticky choruses. I like them a lot. A band has to offer something to remember. Sticky chorus do the job pretty well. Songs that feel like home, you know? There’s nothing wrong about it. It gives the feeling of a constant movement. That things are evolving. Slowly or not, but evolving. “Powder and Arms” is just like this with a strong and sticky chorus. “All Manner of Light” makes us feel like this. It begins with the very well-known galloping bass line to burst into striking guitars. Feels like home. Just that. And it counts a lot these days.

Thorium “Thorium” will be released on October 05th via Empire Records.

Track Listing:

  1. March of the Eastern Tribe
  2. Ostrogoth
  3. Court of Blood
  4. Godspeed
  5. Icons Fall
  6. Powder and Arms
  7. All Manner of Light
  8. Return to the Clouds
  9. Four by Number, Four by Fate

Watch “Godspeed” official lyric video here: