Thormesis – The Sixth

Here’s a band that represents pretty well what is modern in Metal nowadays. Thormesis “The Sixth” deals with vocal changes from the guttural to the most sweet one as in “Chor der Toten” which has some energetic and angry guitars using high chords. This technique works fine to Thormesis due to the change of heart that it allows. It produces a fantastic contrast with the galloping and fast drumming in “Zeichen zum Grund” which combines also low chordal riffing as well.

As I’ve been saying for quite a long time, modern Metal works with lots of human emotions. It’s a complexity of feelings that it’s hard to find in popular music, especially in these days of a plastic and meaningless music that is ruling out. The secret is really very simple; while other genres use only voice and lyrical content to express emotion, Metal uses them plus all the instruments creating a complex texture of sounds. That’s what we get from a track like “Lichtermeer” and its ups and downs of vocals and instrumentals that make you feel all the sadness, loneliness, despair, and grief this sad and lonely little world offers us. Modern Metal is capable of expressing all this and much more. It’s only the good battle of good versus evil, it’s all the array of contrasts and contradictions present here.

Thormesis “The Sixth” is a very good representant of what Black Metal has to offer if you are in the mood for something else. If you are in the mood for cheap emotion, I’d suggest any popper artist you choose.

Thormesis “The Sixth” was released on March 08th via MDD Records.

Track Listing:

  1.  Sonnen

  2. Thy Morbid Drunken Ways

  3. Chor der Toten  (5:44)

    4. Zeichen zum Grund  (5:46)

    5. Lichtermeer  (6:54)

    6. One Last Tear For Every Burned Soul  (6:47)

    7. Deadened Skies

Watch “Thy Morbid Drunken Ways” official video here: