Thrash or Die – Melting Your Skull

11952939_10153600803322451_1609737839943918871_o  This year for me has been so amazingly low in terms of how many high quality thrash metal albums I’ve heard that I still cannot believe it. Each thrash albums so far for me has been boring, unimaginative, and just sounds recycled with no sense of presence or real thrash energy. But as if a gift from the god of thrash itself Thrash or Die’s upcoming album “Melting Your Skull” has found its way into my ear holes. . . and I’m very happy it did. Straight from the beginning this 12-track speed demon is pure raw thrash metal that sounds like it came straight out of the original days of metal when thrash ruled the land and everything sounded badass. With a voice that embodies fast paced chaos itself, the vocals have a great voice that personify the intensity of each track that they’re featured on so well that I cannot help but give two thumbs up when they’re matched with the rest of the band. As for the guitars, bass, and drums, they’re fast as lightning and have a sound that is the kind of s**t that thrash junkies everywhere will actually lose their minds over with how good they sound while not doing anything crazily innovative; just pure thrash metal. One track is the exception though, “Un Canto a Cabaiguán”, which seems to be some dude singing opera all by himself in a big room which is weird when placed in between two intense thrash tracks, but what’s a good album without a little weirdness? I’ll take it. Why not? Overall though, Thrash or Die lives up to their name as “Melting Your Skull” does just that as this is easily the best pure thrash album I’ve heard all of 2015 so far. Do I think it’s one of the year’s best albums? Not personally, no, but it is indeed a great album to check out as these guys know how to do thrash metal and how to do it right.

“Melting Your Skull” comes out November 1st and you can stream the track “Gorantulla” via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Metal Massacre (The Ultimate Revenge)
  2. Street Trash
  3. In the Key of Death
  4. Gorantulla
  5. Internet Metalhead
  6. Kamikaze
  7. Un Canto a Cabaiguán
  8. Death to the Tyrant
  9. The Seven Doors of Death
  10. What Do You Mean We are Out of Beer?
  11. The Post Mortem Star
  12. Thrash on Your Grave